Zip-line Runner Designs

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My early LEGO designs started with a floss zipline!

bas oj teh (main battle plane)

Bas Oj Teh (Main Battle Plane)

This is the main “Bas Oj Teh” (code for ‘Main Battle Plane’) it runs on a floss zipline. Riding on it are Luke Skywalker, Lando Clarissan and LEGO Chima’s Laval.


Passengers on Main Battle Plane

Passengers on Main Battle Plane

The Big Boulder is the biggest spaceship in the galaxy, and it is powered by 8 nuclear engines and 8 normal engines.

TBB The Big Boulder

TBB The Big Boulder

It is also very powerful and can destroy a small astroid. There are lasers and missiles and guns on board, and it has a combanation lock to keep enemies out, goodies in and also to stop enemies stealing treasure and messages.

The cable car is based on a cable car I traveled on, when I went to the Big Bang Fair in london.

cable car.

cable car

Tip: If you make your own floss zip-line, make sure you use normal floss not tape floss otherwise it doesn’t work and sticks to the zipline runner.


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  1. Sue W says:

    I like them all, but especially the cable car; it looks like ones we used to travel up Grouse Mountain on in Vancouver when we lived there.

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