The Adventures Of Jack, Book two, The New World 1

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Once there was a boy who had a computer. He had a very special one; it could travel in time..

His new mission is to destroy the enemies of The Earth, also known as the Blacks because their armour, planes, and droid minions are all black, using the help of the heroic Red Army and their brown planes…




After his first adventure with the knights, Jack decided to have annother trip in time.
So he started up his computer and searched:www timetravel.co.uk and typed in travel to 6012.
He pressed the enter key and krakashoww!

He suddenly found himlself near a rocket, one that looked like a concorde except it was brown and smaller; he was in the training grounds; the place where people trained to fly fighter planes.

Then he saw there was a plane that had landed right beside him and the pilot got out and said “Hey you shouldn’t be here” then everyone came and found him, and they were all saying and shouting “He is a spy” and “Take him away.”


20140626_104054Then they said “He hasn’t got the same suit as us, so he can’t be a spy or one of us. Let’s take him to The General.” So they led him away, through rooms and halls, to a rather large room.
Inside,there was a sentry, standing in front of an important-looking man dressed in smart black. ” What do you want” he said.
The men saluted him, and he dismissed them, because he wanted to talk on his own with Jack, and he said “How did you get here” and Jack said “Er… well… I…c…c…came here by using a computer which could travel in time” “Show me” the man demanded. “It is back in the training room” said Jack “You go and I wil come with you” he said “O…k” Jack said, and he went with the man.



Back in the training room,they quickly found it and jack asked “What is your name?” “People call me The General” “and what is your nationality?” ” I come from England” The General replied “Same as me” said Jack

They stood there looking at the planes flying overhead.
Then The General said “Hey, do you want to become a pilot?”

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  1. Jacob says:

    I liked your story Samuel

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