The Adventures Of Jack – Book Two – The New World Chapter 12

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The secret base

Jack landed his plane near a forest. Earth was very different to how it was in his time. There were forests, but Earth was mostly a densely populated city. He also noticed there were no cars. They had been replaced by speeders.

But Jack did not have much time. He soon found the pod that Xyathan had been in, but Xyathan had gone. Then Jack saw him in the distance. He set the mode of his speeder guns to “stun”, and he was off. The others followed, knowing he had found something.

Jack fired shot after shot at Xyathan, but the shots where absorbed by his armour and fired back. Xyathan was soon surrounded, but he ran under one of the speeders, and then into a dark cave. Everyone followed. Oliver said “We’ve got him this time! That cave does not go very far and he will be caught.” But Oliver was wrong. The end of the cave was just a projection, and Xyathan ran straight through it. Everyone followed. The cave got narrower and narrower until they had to slow down a lot. That gave Xyathan a chance. He ran into a large room. It was filled with guards. Then one of the pilots, James, saw a door clearly marked “ammunition”










Xyathan had already gone, but they could blow the place up by shooting the door and speeding away. They all got ready to go away fast, as they heard the countdown from Oliver: “3… 2… 1…”. Then


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