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The Adventures of Jack Book Two, The New World 4

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Jack slowly opened his eyes, and was surprised to find Oliver bending over him. He said “Why…  how… did…” “Don’t worry,” said Oliver, “I landed in the forest when I saw you crash. Unfortunately my plane has also crashed.” He bent over Jack and said “how are you feeling” Jack replied weakly “okay…”

A few days later Jack was fine and he, Oliver and Daniel (who had crashed as well) looked inside the planes. Here is a list of what they found:

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So, as you can see they were in a pretty bad state; they had enough weapons, assistance, and even transport but not much food; they used two crates a day. They had a meeting to discuss what to do. “Let’s go to the top secret base on our S Speeders. After all, that’s where the others went” said Jack.

“No. Unfortunately we don’t know where the base is; only the General does” said Oliver. “Actually I do” said Daniel; “You go to the other side of the forest, turn left at the stone marker, go up a few feet and into the hangar bay.” “Wait!” said Oliver, “That base belongs to our enemies!!” “What? “said Jack “The general’s up to something alright! A few days ago he let Blackface into our base and out again! And how does he look without his hood and cape?” Oliver said ” I will draw him on the back of my list:

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“THAT IS BLACKFACE!!!” said Jack.


Meanwhile, the planes were flying on not knowing their fate was near! Suddenly on Matthew’s information screen panel there was a message saying: “Hi, Oliver here. The general is actually Blackface. We have crashed in the forest near the entrance to our old base, can you come and help?”

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