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Thamesdays Adventures 2014

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This term we’re learning about the River Thames, which means lots of trips, hurray! It also means floods.

Our first trip was quite close by. We went to Pangbourne. There was a lovely playground where we played for a little. Then we went down across the flood plains in quite deep water to get closer to the river. We walked along the riverside for a short time and then a lady came and joined us. She was about 70 years old and very kind. She was also quite sad and talked to my Mummy about her troubles. Mummy was able to pray for her and then she left. We carried on walking along the riverside until it got so muddy we couldn’t go any further. Then we came across some swans:

20140127_121944                 2014-01-27 12.18.36

There were two swans and they had a little battle. The one on the right  here won!


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