Materials for Stomp Rocket

Stomp rockets

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To make a stomp rocket you will need:

Materials for Stomp Rocket

Materials for Stomp Rocket

1 old bicycle or buggy inner tube

1 2litre bottle


Duct tape


2 A4 sheets of paper

1 index card


To make:

1. Cut out the place where you blow the air into the inner tube.

2. Duct tape one end of the inner  tube to the two litre bottle opening.

3. Duct tape the inner tube to one end of the pipe section as shown below.


4.Wrap one piece of A4 paper around the plastic pipe and use tape to secure.

6. Make some fins from your index card and tape them onto the base of your paper tube (rocket).


5. Draw a circle on your other piece of A4 paper.


7. Make it into a cone to cover the end of your tube by cutting to the middle of the circle and sliding the cut edges over each other.

8. Stamp on the bottle whilst holding the plastic pipe vertically.

Rocket on its way down. It travels too fast to catch on the way up!

Rocket on its way down. It travels too fast to catch on the way up!

Have fun!!

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2 Responses

  1. sam says:

    will be trying this one out over the summer, thanks

    • Samuel B Samuel B says:

      Dear Sam,
      I know that this one goes very, very high, and maybe even higher than your pumping rocket. Although it goes very high, it is very acurate and will land back in your garden as long as you aim it straight up.

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