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Spiderman and the Bright Bibs!

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Block work printing on bibs

It began with the doorbell ringing and then we opened the door and three bright happy faces looked in. And I said: ‘Come in!’.

They had a lovely baby (Natasha) and a boy about Daniel’s age (Ellis 3 years old). And then a few minutes later we were taking the block printing equipment out of the car. Soon we were at work. It was certainly worth it!

We traced over our pictures of Dr Makori and the Toyota Land Cruiser. We took the tracing paper off and drew over the tracing paper onto the soft Lino. You use a little cutting machine and it cuts through the soft Lino and you can make pictures.  And then after a few minutes I had done my machine and Samuel had almost finished his Dr Makori.

We had a little play and lunch.

Then we came back to do the finishing touches; making the wheels more round and making my machine look more like a car – with the cutting tool.  We got some special fabric ink and got a sponge and we dabbed it onto our soft Lino designs. We began with paper prints, I was amazed and surprised by how good my car looked.

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This is me in my Spiderman suit. I picked up my special Lino cutting and pushed it onto the fabric – which was my Water Walk Bib.

2014-05-19 15.16.29

Then I lifted it up and revealed the Land Cruiser. I thought it was great and so did my other brothers!   Then it was my brother Daniel’s go with his foam objects block.


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20140519_152139    2014-05-20 08.20.16

It was very fun and exciting.

We need to decorate the bibs a bit more and then sew them. We’re going to wear them when we go on the Braithwaite Boys Water Walk.

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