Samuel’s Rocket Records!

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I have made a lot of rockets and this is to share with you which rockets I think are best and why.


Blow Rockets

These Blow Rocketsare fun for all ages, even 3 year olds can enjoy them.

stomp rockets. Highest flying.

Stomp Rockets

I found that I could makeĀ Stomp Rockets fly higher than any other rocket I have made.


Pop rockets  .the easiest to make.

Pop Rockets

These Pop Rocketsare the easiest to make.

the most fun!

Slingshot Rockets

These Slingshot Rocketsare the most fun, because you have the most control over their height.

If you want to make any of these rockets, click on the coloured buttons above, and have fun.


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3 Responses

  1. Victoria says:

    Samuel these rockets look fun. I want to try and make the stomp rocket on Saturday. Thank you for telling me how to make it. From Jacob

  2. Malcolm Neal says:

    Samuel I have followed your blog with interest. Will you follow this up with a practical use such as something along the lines of the Japanese ‘bullet train’ ?
    Love Grandpa

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