Flytraps and Tadpoles

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One day we woke up, and found that we had some pet tadpoles in a jar. We wanted to find out why they were there so we asked Mummy, and she said she had gone to a friend’s house and her friend had asked if we wanted to keep a few of  her tadpoles, and Mummy had said “Yes”.

So we fed them, and I gave them names, then it was time to go to the pet food store to get them some pondweed. When we got there the shopkeper said “sorry we dont sell live things but I do know a place that does”. Next we went to Spencers Wood and we walked into the shop. We had a look around and saw that there was not a sign of any pondweed so we asked a lady if they sold it and she said “The place that sells it is behind us” so we set off and bought a Flytrap and a Pitcher Plant and walked there.


We went to the other shop and found many exciting things like ponds for sale and fish tanks full of fish, but we found what we wanted and got a bag to put it in. We also saw some tiny tortoises and a grasshopper-eating Desert Dragon.

20130522_105642   20130522_102456

20130522_102407  20130522_103156

We had one of the most fun school days ever!!



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